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EE World Online. Any pointers on how I can move forward with working with the device? Are other people having a different experience? Took it out of the box and everything worked great? Is this a Windows issue? What tools are people using to actually download designs to the board? It seems like you have to get something from Xylinx to do actual circuit design but I'm not clear about that either. I would suggest going through the project getting started with FPGA.

It outlines all of the software you need to design and program your board as well as the processes involved.

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It's likely that the bit file that you are using was not configured for the Nexys 3, a step which happens in the Xilinx ISE Design Software. Thanks for your reply. Thanks for the instructional link. I wish I'd had your great reply 3 days ago. That's not to say I'm not having a little fun figuring things out.

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Hey Digilent: take the above exactly as it is, print it out and stick it in the box when you send a board to non-academic customers that do not have the benefit of a professor telling them exactly the steps to do something with your board. The Nexys manual explains the board interfaces well e. Awesome product but it suffers from too much documentation on the web some of which is outdated and confusing.

I think a quick start sheet and a clear architecture overview like the above offers would help get the ball rolling. I am having the exact same problem as timothyheider. Please advise Hi ho0pla ,. Are you using a usb hub?

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Have you checked your usb cable to make sure that it does power and data? Lets use your other forum thread here for further posts on this topic. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy!

Installing Xilinx ISE inside a Docker Container

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