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In the Box. Table of Contents. Rated 3 out of 5 by NeverBeenCaptured from Disappointing so far I bought this hub to hook up four external hard drives at once. I hooked everything up the first time and it worked great. That is, until I ejected a drive. I went through the normal procedure of ejecting the drive from my mac, but when I unplugged the drive from the hub, all of my drives on the hub were disconnected from the mac.

I got three warnings that the disks had been improperly ejected, even though they were all still very much connected. This problem persists, so I am unable to swap out drives mid-stream, so to speak. This is limiting and unnecessary. The build quality seems fine, and as long as I don't try to swap out drives one at a time, it does its job admirably. This time the sessions would include the Welsh bassist Pino Palladino, one of the most respected players around. Instead of adding drums to a previously recorded track, Chamberlain would be playing live with Palladino in the studio. Chamberlain loves playing live above all else, for those moments when the music takes an inexplicable turn but somehow everybody stays together.

No machine could match it. Musical duets are usually ordered by heterosexual difference and its various dramas. As in: She gives, he takes. He pleads, she refuses. They may reconcile, but the performers always observe the classic sex distinction — making the circumstances of the female vocalist a good barometer for the circumstances of female speech in general. The women put on their respective versions of a placid attitude — Rihanna sings with cheek, SZA cheerlessly.

Mac Miller

Each is calm but, you suspect, coursing toward some possible furor. The closeness approaches uncanny, suggests an erotics of the self.

Wear My Hat (Bass Cover)

The way Rihanna likens herself to our most uncivil cultural child, Peter Pan: Rihanna often returns to Barbados, the landmass that bore her. What kind of pedals? What amp?

Wear My Hat by Mac Miller @ Bass list : nonthsareteca.ga

Actual bugs. It was cute.

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It has received around , views on YouTube. The more famous DeMarco gets, the more accessible he seems to become. This invitation, like much about DeMarco, might seem tongue-in-cheek but is in fact sincere. The house he rents in Arverne, Queens, is an unprepossessing four-bedroom cottage in a lower-middle-class neighborhood, with cigarette butts peppering the lawn. When I rang his bell, he came to the door in boxers and a rumpled Hugo Boss T-shirt, greeted me with slightly bleary-eyed politeness, then led me past guitar cases and piles of laundry and a cluster of half-inflated party balloons to the kitchen, where Kiera McNally, his girlfriend of five years, was baking gluten-free banana bread.

Over a cup of diner-style coffee — from an industrial steady-drip machine that DeMarco pointed out to me with pride — I asked what the repercussions of inviting hundreds of thousands of fans to his house had been. It can get a bit weird.

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  8. The music DeMarco makes has been enthusiastically received by critics, but reviews of his albums can be frustrating to read: King Sunny Ade came to mind as I listened, as did Jerry Garcia, an acknowledged influence, but I found it nearly impossible to pin down the music I was hearing, or even to date it. There just happens to be this thing called the Internet around. The family has musicians on both sides: Agnes herself had a stint, as a teenager, singing at parties and weddings around Edmonton.

    At 16, Mac started recording songs in his room, by himself — the way he still records all his music — and playing in a band called Belgium with two friends from high school, Alec Meen and Peter Sagar. I always hated the name Belgium. In Vancouver, where he lived for a time in the boiler room of a printmaking studio for Canadian dollars a month, DeMarco continued recording songs, posting them on Myspace under the name Makeout Videotape.

    They were all these great, noisy, lo-fi bands, and I halfway fit in, mainly because I had no idea how to record. But I was trying to write Beatles songs the whole time. While performing at a music festival in Calgary, DeMarco reconnected with McNally, whom he knew in high school, and within the year they moved to Montreal together.

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    6. But I found something in those songs that I could use. After a barely perceptible hesitation, he played the songs gently, sincerely and with a devotion and skill that were never entirely obscured by the grin on his face or the jokes he cracked. I take a helicopter to work.

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      I was reminded, watching them together, of something DeMarco told me on our drive. Not a thing. The platinum-selling doo-wop duet features the artist Meghan Trainor who, like Puth, has thus far used her considerable songwriting talent to create songs so depthless they feel like waxworks. Just like they say it in the song: In , Gaye recalled to his biographer, he was listening to one of his songs playing on the radio when it was interrupted by a news bulletin about the riots in Watts.

      The main reason: For the first time, homeboy is furious, as if he has just realized that the only response to the stereotype of the angry black man is to get angrier. Black artists, as they conquered the mainstream, were getting even blacker.

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      Black love, black empowerment, black history and black wisdom are explored so deeply and intelligently that you assume that conservative media fetish, black-on-black crime, will never show up. I was right there with him until that third verse. The second verse widens the focus and ups the power. Part of the thrill as a listener is hearing him go there, go further than anybody else. The last couplet on the second verse echoes the first, with a crucial change: In the first instance, exploitation and indifference make him a killer.

      It was almost unbearable to anticipate what this prophet of rage was going to drop next. I could feel the verse pulling away from me as soon as he got halfway into it. It turned into call-and-response, me and this third verse, which went a little something like this:. No, dude, those are two nations going to war. Xhosa get compared to gang warfare? Because it weakened them both in the face of the real enemy? Either all war is hell, or all war is thuggery. No, brother, no! Here was a black man invoking the detestable slogan of black-on-black crime to prevent himself from mourning the unjustifiable homicide of a black boy by a Neighborhood Watch vigilante.

      All I could think was: Where the hell was Kendrick going? Things can get messy when the black gaze turns inward, to this thing called personal accountability. Personal responsibility. Personal respectability. A woman has the right to wear what she wants, but.

      Black men can wear hoodies and let their pants sag, but. Rap has never been scared of being contrarian, and so here I thought that maybe he was deliberately playing with the idea, deliberately embodying the perspective to eventually show it up for what it was.

      Nas once wrote a song from the point of view of a gun. It starts from within. Martin Luther King Jr. That kind of thinking almost suggests that racism makes sense. But racism makes no sense. And in scrambling for answers, you look everywhere, even within: Did I do something to bring this on? Was a part of this outcome in even the slightest way my fault? Fact is, black people have always believed in respectability politics.

      Our stories are everywhere: We achieved. Everybody knows how hard we Jamaicans work. Maybe you should stop whining about your troubles and own up to your laziness. Maybe if you do what I did, you would be manager of that Chase branch on the corner, just like me.