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When building our Xamarin. Forms apps, there usually comes a point where we need to support multiple languages. The process of manually replacing each string value is a little daunting, not to mention cumbersome and time-consuming! So, let's roll up our sleeves and get localising. We'll be using the best practices outlined in Xamarin's excellent localisation tutorial.

Firstly, we need to detect the current language settings of the user's phone. Globalization; namespace MyApp.

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Forms we can use RESX files for this. Setting up all this infrastructure is a little tedious Instead of doing it by hand we can use MFractors Generate Localisation Infrastructure code action to do it for us. Firstly we need to create a new RESX entry for our string along with a key. Open up the Resources. We now have a localised email label.

Open the localisation wizard by right-clicking on any string literal and selecting Replace with a localised value lookup. Once opened, you can choose the.

Use Powershell to detect RESX duplicate keys

If the string value already exists in the. Is this true, or are developers still using resource forks for new apps?

  • First steps to using the Multilingual App Toolkit.
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  • Visual Studio for Mac ResxEditor.
  • Visual Studio for Mac ResxEditor.

Resource forks are still in use in many places. Plus Localizable.

Edit based on the update to the question

Resources are still a completely valid way to store things, especially lists of things. Like a hunk of data that might get loaded for every tool in a drawing app might have tool-specific data in a corresponding-ID resource.

The only reason one would NOT use a resource fork file is if the app or data is going to be used on another platform, but for those of us writing Mac software, who cares!? We do keep our portable data in their own data fork files and compile them into resources on the Mac.

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Yes, Rezilla is a great replacement for ResEdit, but it's still not what I would call a finished product. And Resorcerer hasn't been worked on for years.

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Resource 'fork' or resource 'file'? They're different things. A file can store resources in the data fork, and still not have a resource fork. Resource forks are absolutely deprecated, and should not be used at all by programmers writing today.

Most unix utilities are not aware of them, and they do not play well in the modern, multi-platform world. I think the files you refer to above are storing resources in the data fork, they don't have a resource fork.

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The only resource forks I can find on my computer are inside Resourcerer's package, and strangely, inside the Adobe Acrobat 7 Pro package! Lost your password? Powered by the Parse.