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Hugin's interface can hardly be called charming or even elegant, but at least it is incredibly easy to use.

Features such as Control Points, Stitcher or Optimizer give you quite a lot of control over the panorama making process, while the Crop and Exposure tools enable you to adjust colors or remove parts of the panorama photo you created. Hugin won't provide you with any advanced photo editing tools, but the options it does provide are more than enough to create a beautiful panorama shot. This is no ordinary tool for the production of panoramic images since it offers some unique features that enable its users to create huge picture files from structured panoramas that contain hundreds of photos captured in a rectangular grid of rows or columns, usually using a device such as a GigaPan panoramic robot.

Pandora: a GIMP Plugin for Making Panoramas

The Microsoft Image Composite Editor is only available on Windows OS, and it also has a built-in Photosynth Uploader that allows your friends to see your panoramic images via the Photosynth's interactive web viewer. Fast, automatic and powerful, this software for creating panoramas on Mac and PC computers enables you to create Spherical, HDR or gigapixel panoramas.

PTGui Pro can produce a 1 Gigapixel panorama is no more than 25 seconds, and it also gives you almost complete control over the creation of your panoramic images. These facts alone demonstrate the sheer power and effectiveness of the PTGui Pro software.

Mac OSX Modificare le foto con Anteprima

The trial version is also available if you want to try out the software before investing in it. This professional tool for the production of panoramic images offers everything you'll ever need to create a professional panorama photo. The abundance of features makes it a little complicated to use, so if you don't have previous experience with merging photos into a panoramic picture, this software may be overwhelming for you. AutoPano brand also offers the AutoPano Giga option, that has even more features, but as you might expect these programs are not free.

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However, the GoPro users and professional photographers who take panoramic photos on a constant basis are going to love using the AutoPano Pro software, because it will give them access to all the tools they need in order to produce stunning panorama photos. The free version of this Mac app allows you to stitch up to five photos, and if you would like to exceed that limit you can upgrade to the paid version of the app. Even though Panorama Stitcher is not as powerful as AutoPano Pro, it still removes all inconsistencies between different shots and it performs automatic lens and exposure corrections.

8 Best Photo Stitching Software

Each image exported from this software has the same color space as the source pictures and the app supports all picture formats supported by the Mac OS X. The free version of Panorama Stitcher also enables its users to crop and adjust the exposure values of their panorama photos. Like the previous entry on our list, the iFoto Stitcher can be downloaded for free from the App store, but if you choose to use the lighter version of this Mac-only app, you won't be able to produce panoramic photos from RAW files.

Both free and paid versions of the software let you produce high-resolution images and offer plenty support for sharing your panoramas on social media platforms. The iFoto Stitcher automatically merges the pictures you select into a single panorama shot, which means that you won't really know how the final result is going to look like until the software completes the process of creating a panoramic image.

Pano2VR - Create Virtual Tours | Garden Gnome Software

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Microsoft Image Composite Editor Foto panoramiche facili e gratis. Download e installazione della Guida. Le migliori alternative gratuite. Panini 0. FreePV 0. If you want to see some example pictures created with Hugin, take a look at thousands of Hugin pictures on flickr. We are currently putting together a series of online tutorials.

Questions about usage and panorama stitching in general can be asked on the Panorama Tools mailing list. The hugin-ptx mailing list is currently the place to discuss Hugin and possibly contribute to Hugin's development. See the authors. Thanks to the members of the PTX mailing list for many interesting discussions and ideas how Hugin can be improved.