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Home, at work, or on a public Wi-Fi network, the same settings apply unless you manually go in and change them each and every time. Each location comes with its own pre-configured settings to ensure once the setup is done you enjoy maximum protection.

How to Prevent Apps from Accessing Internet on Mac

As I mentioned earlier, the macOS firewall lets you manually add or remove applications and select if they allow or deny incoming connections. During setup, NetBarrier X9 already showed you a selection of locations. Each location has its own configurations that you can tweak and edit until you have it exactly the way you want it. When you switch between locations, the configuration you set up will become active right away. You can select whether an application or process is allowed to receive incoming connections or create outgoing connections.

Prevent outgoing Internet connection in a Mac

Here is an example:. This view will show you the IP address or domain an application or service is attempting to connect to or receive connections from.

You can then allow all connections or just this specific connection always or once. Services, custom domains, IP addresses and processes can all be managed as well. You can set it up as an exception in just a few clicks. Not sure which ports or protocols a process or service needs? Select it from a list while setting up an exception and NetBarrier will set it up for you.

Clean your Mac before changing settings

More configuration can be done in the NetBarrier preferences. Here you can set a default profile that will be used when you join an unknown network and select if you want signed applications or system applications to automatically be trusted NetBarrier does not trust signed applications by default. Knowing what your firewall is up to can be very beneficial. This can help you fix any configuration issues you may have made or other behavior you may want to address.

Several places were checked and several tricks were tried to get some kind of logging going, but nada. This is not an uncommon concern, apparently. Intego NetBarrier offers both feedback and detailed logging.

Mac OS X 10.5

Feedback comes in the form of several animations that easily let you see what kind of traffic is being allowed or blocked, as well as which applications are listening for a connection, sending or receiving traffic. And, of course, a log can be pulled up at any time that shows you exactly what happened in the past.

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Your Mac’s Firewall is Off By Default: Do You Need to Enable It?

The additional dialogs are additional hassle. Worse yet, any local application running on your computer can punch a hole in your firewall. This is designed to help those applications that require incoming connections work without additional configuration. You could access it entirely on your computer via localhost. To prevent anyone else from contacting this server software, you could simply enable the firewall.

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Unless you enable an exception for that specific piece of server software, all incoming connections to it from outside your computer will be blocked. Everything should continue working normally.

ARCHIVED: In Mac OS X, how do I enable or disable the firewall?

Click the Firewall tab, click the lock icon, and enter your password. Click Turn On Firewall to turn the firewall on, and then click Firewall Options to configure your firewall options. An application you add to the list can have incoming connections allowed or blocked — your choice. It could potentially lead to more hassle with setting up certain network services. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.