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Switching MAC addresses regularly makes it very difficult for networks to track your device and how you are using it.

Find Your MAC Address on macOS Sierra with These Options

If you are using time-out Wi-Fi that only gives you, say, an hour of free Wi-Fi access some businesses, like airports, do this , you can keep getting free Wi-Fi by switching your address from time to time. However, there are also some downsides to spoofing.

The big one is that companies often have security filters in place that only allow certain employee devices to access their networks. If you spoof an address, the network will no longer recognize you. We recommend that you start here, because this is a simple and very effective method. MAC address changers are software tools that you can download. When they are up and running, they show you everything you could want to know about all the network connections on your computer, including the original and active MAC addresses, and network speed.

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You will notice the MAC address just below the command. To make it clear, en0 is the BSD device name in use, and you need to replace it with en1 or en2, or anything else that you are using. But usually, it is a hardware interface used for Wi-Fi networks.

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  8. Before you start, read the following nomenclature rules:. Open a terminal window. Press the return key. If you wish to change it for an Ethernet port, use en1. You may change the MAC address of your computer randomly.

    Tech Spoofing a MAC address in macOS High Sierra

    I was able to change my MAC in High Sierra by ensuring the first three octets of the address stay the same as the hardware address. Is this a one time only thing — or will I have to do this every time I am at this location again?

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    Im using MacOS Sierra This is totally incorrect. You would not enter the root password for sudo, you enter your own login password. How exactly would that be done?

    How to Import Contacts to Mac Address Book

    Quite different. This does nothing to change the IP address of the network connection you are using, which is what a privacy VPN masks by having you tunnel all your traffic so that it enters the open internet from their site.

    Since you drop into terminal anyway, would a script like the following do the same thing? My only question about changing interface MAC is: does ARP have the current interface MAC cached in other devices on my network and if so, will the change confuse other devices about how to get back to my machine? My only concern with this is what if the randomly generated MAC address duplicates one that is already on the local network?

    That would be quite a mess.

    Learn How You Can Change Your MAC Address

    The first six digits of a MAC address identify the hardware vendor. The WiFiSpoof Mac app. Be Sociable, Share This!