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Between the stellar acoustics and the sinus infection, I sounded exactly like Stevie Nicks. Next year could bring a landslide of change: a son marrying, one daughter graduating college and the other leaving for the mission field. The band itself experienced a change this year with the return of keyboardist and vocalist Christine McVie after a year hiatus. I like that McVie is That she overcame a debilitating fear of flying. That she admitted her intended paradise of a house in the country had instead become a reclusive way of life that was not really living.

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And that she once again answered the call of the music. Thousands of us witnessed it that night, probably contemplating the changes in our own lives.

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The audience - mostly middle-aged parents only standing up to get another beer or go to the bathroom - reflected it. On stage, Fleetwood Mac spent over two hours performing the music that had once only emanated from the Sears stereo I got for my 13th birthday. We create a reclusive life in the country with our dogs believing that will make us happy and keep us safe. When the song was over I asked Megan what the song meant to her. She told me the woman was singing about her father, who had died.

The landslide represents death - regeneration.

Landslide (Fleetwood Mac song)

It is about changes in love over time. And it's about growing older and gaining maturity and confidence. The woman has lived her life sharing a man's goals instead of concentrating her own. But now she is on her own and beginning a new life. The differences between Megan's interpretation and mine can also be considered similarities. We are hearing the same words and yet getting a different interpretation, based on our life's experience - mine of nearly a half century, hers of only 15 years.

Girls have opportunities today that were just dreams for the girls of my generation. A woman no longer is told she needs to marry have a meaningful life. My husband and I have always encouraged Megan to pursue whatever she wanted regardless of the fact she is female. She truly believes that she can do and be whatever she desires. Last year Megan wrote an essay about her career goals. She said, "I hope to become a doctor because I want to help people. My parents have never told me I can't do something because I'm a girl.

When I tell them my plans, they just say, "You're going to have to work hard, but you can do it! I doubt it! Megan already knows herself better that I did when I was already married. Had my mother encouraged me I probably would not have married so young before completing my education and making my career decisions. The girls of today have a level of self-awareness unknown to most girls 25 years ago.

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They have enough self-esteem to help them overcome barriers our generation was barely aware of. The woman's movement and feminism brought a level of equality; but it has taken over a generation to achieve.

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I believe the young women of today are on their way to greatness and I can hardly wait to see their achievements in this new century! I can see that regeneration taking place right before my eyes - In my own daughter's face. Wow, what a great story about your daughter, It's kinda nice to hear that pop culture can have a positive effect, whatever the media may be, and whatever the doomsayers preach, our shared experiences bind us, even a song - oh yeah, and thanks for clearing up the lyrics, now I can go around singing when nobody's around of course with the full confidence of knowing I've got the right words, and not just what I think I hear!

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