How to delete vs backspace on mac

Using Terminal, I can log into Debian Linux machines fine - and the delete key works as expected at the command line so the "stty erase " trick erases the space - but when I use pico the delete key becomes a "forward delete" key. Any clues how I fix that..? This behaviour does not happen when I log in with shudder Putty from a shudder Windows machine. I have the same issue when logging into a RH 7. Everything works fine in the terminal but the minute I start vim my backspace is interpreted as a delete and erases the character the cursor is on.

I am still not sure how to fix it Thanks for the reminder. Works perfectly in Debian's pico-lookalike, nano. The simplest thing I have found is to open the terminal inspector for your window, use the menu to select "keyboard" and tick or untick the checkbox labelled "Delete key sends backspace". Your solution is not too convenient as it requires copying files to every server I use.

I found much simpler solution: Just set "Declare terminal type" in Terminal Preferences to "rxvt". This solved the problem for me. Regards, Adam. Thanks for the tips, although I couldn't get them to work for me. I came across a much simpler solution. And that's it! Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. I have experienced the same problem in a range of applications: when I SSH from my Macs into Linux machines, the backspace key often stops working. I wasn't content to keep checking and un-checking the 'delete sends backspace' option, because these things ought to be automatic.

User Mistakes or Mac Mistakes?, Backspace vs. Delete, and It's Too Easy to Zap an Icon in the Dock

I traced the problem to the Linux Debian, at least default terminfo entry for xterm-color. Terminfo is a database present on most Unix systems that tells programs how to interact with a variety of different terminals.

The solution: Copy the xterm-color terminfo file from a Mac to the Linux box. Then log out and SSH back into the Linux machine, and your backspace key should work properly in all applications. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.

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There is another way Authored by: atverd on Oct 05, '04 PM. There is another way Authored by: cougar on Oct 05, '04 PM. There is another way Authored by: guybrush on Oct 05, '04 PM. There is another way Authored by: jeremyp on Oct 05, '04 PM.

Mac 101: Forward delete on a Mac laptop

There is another way Authored by: dthorburn on Oct 05, '04 PM. The way I handle this is to have a pair of shell aliases set up for the stty erase entry. I struggled with this a while back myself. When I first saw this in use by someone from a YouTube video, I knew that I had to do whatever it takes to find this one so that I can put a keyboard shortcut and use it in my projects. Using this feature will allow you to automatically select the entire block from the beginning curly braces to end:.

When you're working on a huge project with files lying around everywhere, it might be a little frustrating when you accidentally close a tab and have to search for it again in the side menu because VS code has a habit of auto expanding directories. It's an undo feature exclusively for tabs. And speaking of searching for files, you can search for and open files on the fly.

Forward Delete in Mac OS X, like the Windows “DEL” Key

This is one of my top favorite features because you don't really need to manually click through directories to re-open a file that isn't open anymore. You won't believe how much time this continues to save for me every day. You might have a Go to Symbol in File window pop open when you press that. I never really use that feature so I have it disabled. Doesn't it feel great never having to leave your VS code editor? You can view all of your running extensions by opening up the command palette and typing "Show Running Extensions". You're also given the information to see which extensions take longer than others on activation.

How to Learn 10 Mac Shortcuts

If you were ever wondering why your editor was loading up slower than usual then your answer might be lying within this window:. I personally think this is one of the coolest features of VS code because it allows you to keep your window in front of you when reloading your editor while having the same effect as if you were to close and re-open it.

I have a habit of having a tab in the wrong tab group while I'm developing. I also like to avoid using my mouse as much as possible to get my way around things as it involves me lifting up my hand away from my keyboard. My hand is heavy, so I'd like to keep it on my keyboard at all times. Sometimes you want to delete everything to the right or left of your cursor.

If you weren't aware yet that you can select everything to the right or left of your cursor, this will improve the efficiency in getting things done in code because it simply makes things quicker. This is very useful in situations where you make a typo and you hate having to press and hold the backspace button to get to the part you want to delete:. Sometimes it can just be a pain in the behind when you're lacking further detail on performance issues while you're trying to find out why there is a performance issue in the first place.

And sometimes if you're lucky enough you'll find a tool that gives you all the answers. In VS code, startup performance is a top priority. That's why you're able to pop open a useful window of miraculously all the information you need:. A very powerful and known feature is the ability to duplicate lines. Back when I started coding I had to select matching occurrences manually with my mouse.

If you're like me, you probably have an uncontrollable desire to re-order tabs in a group where the tabs are related to one another and the tabs to the left are the high level files while the files going to the right are lower levels. Duplicating your cursors is arguably the one feature in VS code that saves you the most time. This becomes great in situations like typescript:. And that concludes the end of this post! I hope you found a new shortcut to use! Look out for posts from me in the future! Home Posts Resources About Contact.

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Share This Post. It will show this sidebar to the left of your editor: By typing in a text and pressing enter , VS code will provide you a list of results matching the text like below: You can also replace all the matching texts in each resulting file at once in the blink of a second. If you click this tiny arrow at the left, it will bring up a second input box below where you can input the text to replace all along with clicking the tiny box that appears to the right: This feature can save you and your team a ton of time in the most timely pressured situations. If you're using the Material Theme extension for VS code, you can actually choose a custom accent color for your tabs to look like this: Red: Purple: Yellow: There are 16 different colors you can choose from!

I'm not using Material Theme in that example. Process Explorer Do you find your VS code editor a bit slow sometimes?