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Fleetwood Mac's 'Tusk,' 40 Years Later: What The Hell Were They Thinking?

Best of. Release Date October 12, Track Listing. Christine McVie. Fleetwood Mac.

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  • The Ledge. Lindsey Buckingham.

    Fleetwood Mac’s 50 Greatest Songs

    Think About Me. Save Me a Place. Stevie Nicks. That's All for Everyone. Not That Funny. Sisters of the Moon. That's Enough for Me. Brown Eyes. Never Make Me Cry. I Know I'm Not Wrong. Honey Hi.

    Best songs on Tusk | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

    At the end of the tour in support of Rumours , Buckingham found himself the old man in the room. Buckingham, tapping the competitive spirit of his silver medalist brother, saw these groups as competition and started writing raw, simplistic, groovy songs that were less reliant on the yacht rock production of his earlier work. He later explained:. Buckingham claims that most of the 20 tracks on the double LP were written and demoed at his home before he brought them to the band for each member to build upon.

    The mixup of who did what on the album only adds to the sonic whiplash that strikes while listening to Tusk. There are Mac fans who can listen to all 20 songs on Tusk back to back to back and see a work of complete genius, but for the casual listener the record is impenetrable - a work of hubris created by drugged out millionaires with a lot of time on their hands. But is that so wrong? The song cracked the top 10 , proving more than anything that fans just wanted to hear anything by Fleetwood Mac regardless of what it was. For all the debate that Tusk created, in the end, it did more good than bad.

    Patient listeners will find a record waiting to be dug into and parsed, and casual fans will find at least a few tracks that capture the sound of Rumours. In his biography, Mick Fleetwood said that the band needed to record Tusk to keep them from disintegrating :.

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    The record met with mixed reactions when it was released in November ; some critics were excited that band like the Mac were flexing their creative muscles, while more conservative listeners just wanted Rumours Pt. Even though the critical reaction to the album was all over the place the album eventually sold eight million copies. By the time Fleetwood Mac recorded the final notes on Tusk , they were burnt to a crisp.