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However, if you're looking for a little more functionality without the steep learning curve of GIMP or Photoshop, Seashore would be well worth a look. And like GIMP, it's available for free. This attractive photo editor has a clear and intuitive interface and a user guide that will take new users with little knowledge through the concept of layers and image effects. It would be a good stepping stone for a move onto a more powerful photo editor, though it's likely to offer more than enough functionality for a large number of users.

Trying to decide which is the best photo editor of OS X is a matter of determining which one does the best job of reaching various compromises. All in all, we have to conclude that GIMP offers the best overall compromise. The fact that it is free means that absolutely anyone with an internet connection can use it. While it isn't the most powerful or best-featured app, it is near the top.

Despite that, though, novice users can also use GIMP for simple jobs, without having to embark on the steep learning curve to make full use of every feature. Finally, with the ability to install plugins, it is possible that if GIMP doesn't do what you want it to, someone else may have already produced a plugin that will take care of it. Share Pin Email.

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Experienced graphic designer and web developer with a strong interest in free and open-source graphics software. Updated August 02, And did we mention it's absolutely free? Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Mac has been working overtime in recent months to become a home for orphaned Aperture users, thanks to a built-in migration tool that makes it easy to switch.

Smart Previews allow users to edit low-resolution files on the go and have changes automatically applied to original images when an external drive is mounted, along with pro tools like Advanced Healing Brush, Upright, and Radial Gradient borrowed from the more expensive Photoshop.


The latest version makes it easy to create photo remixes or mashups, pick the best composition, and offers more comprehensive selection tools while offering five variants for each effect you want to apply. Facebook junkies will love the app's profile and cover photo creation options, while Guided Edits and Slideshows have been improved and Elements Live delivers creative ideas, tips, tricks, and help without having to leave the software. Pixelmator 3. The latest version adds complete support for OS X Yosemite including Handoff and iCloud Drive , and also works hand-in-hand with Pixelmator for iPad for seamlessly creating and editing images on the go, while retaining the option to further enhance them back on the desktop.

Best of all, there's full support for layered Photoshop PSD files, and images can even be imported from iPhoto or Aperture.

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If your photo editing needs lean more toward restoration or retouching, Snapheal 2. Its software also works with consumer models, though, and Capture One Express is the cheaper option. It claims to have a particularly fast workflow coupled with the best image quality of all editing software, but Aperture and Lightroom don't trail too far behind.

Free, Mac is completely free, and more like Photoshop Elements in Expert mode than any of the others. In the past, it suffered from poor documentation and an unintuitive layout, but now has built-in help, a downloadable manual, online tutorials, and a customizable interface. The Mac version of the app even comes bundled with a raw-image-processing plugin. Get started on GIMP with this guide!

Perfect Presets for Camera Raw. Free, Mac packs filters for Adobe Camera Raw that let you apply tweaks without ever touching a manual tool. It's perfect for beginners. Enlight is one of the smartest photo-editing tools around. It's like a free version of Hyperspektiv, with an edge!

Take a regular image of you in the middle of the road and superimpose other images on top of it. Want to have double exposures? No big deal. Fancy yourself a bit of a surrealist?

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  • Use the layers in Enlight Photofox and create surreal iPhone art. At the end of the day, the final result will look absolutely nothing like the original photograph, and if that's your aim, then this app is a great way to start. If you want to go a little bit advanced, you can adjust blending modes, transparency, change perspective and overlay other images on top of your photograph. This app is a one-stop shop for all the photo editing tools you need; it provides you with professional masking tools and pre-made filters that are a great alternative to Instagram.

    Filterstorm Neue is actually a rewritten version of the classic Filterstorm app, and this version is faster, much more user-friendly, and intuitive. If you're an avid Photoshop user not wanting to spend money on an Adobe subscription, this would be a fantastic alternative!

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    A lot has been said about Photoshop. Many iPhone photographers can't stand that they like it so much and many app developers want to dethrone it, and yet it still rises.

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    While Photoshop Express is nothing like its macOS sibling, it still maintains the professional standard that we have come to expect. Photoshop Express helps you get the job done on the go, but it doesn't take you from desktop to mobile and vice-versa. Unless you already have an Adobe subscription, take it easy. Start here. Whether you prefer to work on your macOS computer or your phone, the aim of iPhone photo editing apps in is to alleviate time spent editing by taking advantage of how much iPhones have continuously improved.

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    Wonderful Tutorial, thanks for putting this together! This is obviously one great post. Thanks for the valuable information. And more thanks for i get best idea read this article about this topics. VSCO is a highly rated iPhone camera app with a cool minimalist interface and a social twist.

    In addition to giving users extensive manual controls, the app allows them to also explore and find curated photographic content from a vibrant international community.