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Personalize Everything You can make the app yours and adapt the software to your needs. Save your own presets for every tool, set up your own custom canvas textures, design a custom perspective grid, and rearrange your workspace to enhance your workflow and creative process. Import new stencils, add new custom brushes and stickers from your own images, create color samples and color pickers, and build the perfect drawing tool to help inspire and assist your art.

Layer Editing Tweak your images using filters, layer effects, layer blend modes. Use Photoshop standard blend modes like Multiply and Screen as you work, and add editable glow, emboss and drop shadow effects to individual layers.

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You can even emboss your image using custom textures. Clean up your scanned sketches to remove dirty white paper so you can color the lines with the Remove Color Matte and distort your images using Warp liquify. You can add blur or noise, or easily adjust the colors and contrast of a layer. If you need to repaint a layer, use the Lock Transparency and other selection and lock options to control your changes.

Multiple Platform Support The software comes in both desktop and mobile editions, with fully compatible file formats which will preserve paint data and layers between different versions of the tool. This means that you can paint a field study on your iPad Pro and then continue it with the same tools on the desktop. Or sketch ideas on the train on your Android phone, and develop it properly when you get to a more powerful computer. You can also easily switch between macOS and Windows without any problems.

Ambient Design ArtRage 5 Overview

Record Your Paintings The product offers script recording, which lets you record the entire painting process and play it back later in Art Rage. This is extremely useful for screen recording sessions, studying your painting process, and recreating your smaller mobile paintings at a much larger size. Note : Limited functionality in demo version. Download ArtRage Latest Version. I recently had the chance to test a beta version of the upcoming 4. The program is now available in a bit version so it will allow you to take advantage of additional system RAM.

The grid can also be added to reference images, a very useful addition.

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Combined with auto-smoothing in the ink pen or pencil tools, you can use a grid to create evenly-spaced wave patterns too. Applying auto-smooth to lines drawn with snap to grid on results in a regular wave pattern: an unexpectedly useful precision drawing feature nestled in a paint program. If your tablet supports it, the pencil tool will allow live tilt as you draw.

Make sure to untick the precise checkbox. You can now collect your most used swatches and toolbox objects and reposition them in both pinboard and pod views.

Show the artist inside you!

The font picker now previews your selected font and you can change all text in a selected layer without selecting the text or mix and match fonts and formatting options within a single text block. Depending on your screen size and resolution, the default interface can take up a lot of room.

Double tapping the hubs on lower left and right corners of the inteface minimizes quarter-circle palettes. Any of the pods illustrated here can be expanded to panels with a double tap. Instead of a toolbox, the tools and palettes are contained in two quarter-circles on the left and right lower corners of the screen.

By default, these can take up a lot of room on lower resolution tablets, but double tapping the corners of the palettes will minimize them. The minimal Workbench interface is ideal for tablets but doesn't make it impossible to find desired controls.

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The program also offers a compact workbench mode that is very efficient and easy to navigate. ArtRage supports multi-touch gestures. Tapping and dragging in the white area allows you to change the brush size. Double tapping brings up a numeric input. Each tool oil brush, watercolor, palette knife, airbrush, ink pen, pencil, paint roller, felt pen, gloop pen, sticker spray, pastel, paint tube and glitter tube loads its own paint presets. Because it supports smoothing, Surface Pro 3 and other N-Trig device owners should have no problem with jittery slow strokes.

Sizing a brush is also a little odd: tapping and dragging in the tool size area scales the brush up and down. Double tapping allows numeric entry. Brush size values are expressed as a percentage rather than a precise pixel size. The color picker consists of three arcs. The outer arc sets the hue, the large middle arc sets brightness and saturation and the metallic arc adds specular and reflective effects. Picking a precise color begins with clicking the appropriate hue, then tapping and dragging to select the brightness and saturation.

The color palette also has a metallic setting which adds some specular highlights and reflections to your strokes. ArtRage 4. It condences the 24 hour painting into under five minutes but is well worth a look if you're interested in his technique. Requires May 21, Intel HD graphics driver or higher.

ArtRage Studio Pro

So you're dying to max out your credit card on a new Surface Pro 2 but are worried your favorite won't run. Or you've got the Microsoft wonder tablet but don't want to plunk down a bunch of cash on a graphics app that will blow up your new machine. Fear not. You've come to the right place. Rather than update the original , we'll keep that one in place for anyone who chooses not to update to Windows 8.

ArtRage Studio Pro Information:

Don't know why any of you would do that, but we know there are paranoid folks out there who fear change. Important note: the list below contains only versions I've personally tested on my Surface Pro 2. It's very likely that older versions listed in the original feature will still operate, but we won't be able to re-test those older apps for Windows 8. The list below will grow as we install more software. Since most graphics apps limit the number of installations, we're have to be somewhat deliberate in how much we migrate at a time.

As always, if you've got a specific tool you'd like us to test, please let us know in the comments section below. June 27, , San Francisco, CA — ArtRage 4 offers unique touch-friendly workflow advantages optimized for pen tablet users. The art creation app takes full advantage of Windows 8 multi-touch tablets, laptops, and desktops.

ArtRage - Natural Painting Software

ArtRage 4 not only allows rotation, scale, and movement of the canvas with two fingers, but it can even utilize simple multi-touch gestures with layers, selections, rulers, stencils, stickers and reference images. Only upgrades from new editions for example moving from ArtRage 2 to ArtRage 4 requirement payment, never for updates to versions that are already owned. Info on the ArtRage 4. For more information, see www. Ambient Design Ltd. The principals have over 40 years experience in combining complex image processing algorithms with an easily accessible user experience.

I must recommend that you avoid the device until the issue is corrected. And in case you're interested, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 6. I had the chance to install two additional applications on the Sony VAIO Flip 15 A this afternoon and I'm sorry to report that neither program runs perfectly. Each stroke was created with a different pressure level, to no avail. This version was released in The program doesn't have multi-touch support either, so it's not possible to pan or zoom with one's fingers. Though palm rejection works for the most part, it's still possible to create stray marks with one's pinky or knuckle even though the pen is also in the screen's proximity.

There supposedly are more recent beta versions of SAI available for download, but I was unable to find them. The SAI interface is also not ideal for a tablet. Even on the Flip's ample Unfortunately, that version did not correct the lack of pen pressure. Pressure sensitivity works well in ArtRage 4. Unfortunately, it's still possible for taps to leave stray marks. Although the latest update of Ambient Design's ArtRage 4 recognizes pressure and supports multi-touch with the N-Trig digitizer, I was disappointed to learn that it's still possible to create errant marks as you draw.