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We wanted our recommendation to be robust enough to fit the needs of any taxpayer, even if they ran their own business, collected rental income, or worked as freelancers.

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In fact, TurboTax told us that every one in five files become self-employed each year, as the gig economy rises. We only included software that offers a business or self-employed option, ensuring that each of our finalists can accommodate all income types. Even Liberty Tax Service, previously cut here, has updated its service to accommodate these filers. If you live in one of the seven states without an income tax, any of our remaining options could be a good fit for you.

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In addition, this option makes tax prep easier and cheaper if you moved in the past year — after all, moving is expensive enough. Though many companies advertise free filing, that often only refers to the federal portion. The best online tax software should let you file all of your taxes without any hidden charges. Our goal was to find the tax prep software that makes filing as easy as possible. In these tests, we evaluated ease of navigation, helpful hints and guides, and answers to commonly asked questions.

We also compared the free versions and paid options to examine which offered the best premium features, including customer support by phone and live chat. We also dug deep into mobile apps and how easy it was to file with your phone. TurboTax top acknowledges that people may be filing before they get their W2 and provides instructions for filling out Form while also explaining what it is. Finally, we combed through help forums, asked questions on chat, and listened to our share of mediocre hold music before talking with customer support on the phone.

Most of our top picks also offer support and tax review with specialists via live video chat — a new way to make online filing seamless. Intuitive guidance through every step of your tax filing. Free options for standard state and federal fillings.

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Impressive customer support, both in-person and digitally. The most affordable way to get expert assistance. The lowest prices and seven years of free storage. Its tablet and mobile apps are just as navigable, and you can transition seamlessly from one device to another. TurboTax has managed to make doing your taxes feel like a simple game, a breezy slideshow that might end with a fat refund check and no audit. On its recommendation screen, we entered that we had a job, dependents, and rent payments, and it still pointed us right to the free federal option.

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From there, filing with TurboTax was like having a pleasant grade-school teacher direct us through our taxes. The software is incredibly instinctive, and our testers never felt lost, thanks to ever-present help functions and guides. When providing our health insurance information, for instance, TurboTax offered detailed but straightforward explanations to help our tester figure out what type of coverage they had.

Even self-employed beginners will find unique support tool through the QuickBooks included subscription. We also like that TurboTax checks in to make sure you understand why your taxes are being filed in a particular way. In its second year, the TurboTax Live service, which connects you via one-way video to a certified public accountant CPA or enrolled agent EA , is still a seamless resource.

Your filing process starts with a one-on-one talk with a CPA, and you receive their continued support and advice as you go through the process. After connecting with a tax expert, you can get professional advice on maximizing your returns, and your assigned CPA or EA will even review your entire return to get as many dollars back as possible.

TurboTax Live is the most expensive software packages we found, but is still cheaper than going to a tax professional. While TurboTax provided the best online tax filing experience we saw, it does come at a price.

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Like all of our picks, it offers free filing for federal and state taxes, but anything above that will cost you. Turn on suggestions. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. From the left select Tax: Select the Company Preferences tab.

Select the New Vendor drop-down arrow and choose New Vendor. In the Vendor Name field, enter the name of the vendor as you'd like it to appear on your Vendors list.

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For example, if the vendor is an individual and you list individuals by last name first, that's how you should enter the name. On each tab, enter information as needed. You can edit the vendor to add more information later. Select Ok. Select the Address Info tab and validate the data. Make sure the Address field contains the appropriate two-letter state abbreviation and the correct ZIP code.

If the vendor is a person, the vendor's legal name should appear in the First Name, M. If you know the company name but not the person's name, leave the Company Name field blank to prevent double names from appearing on the MISC form. Select the Tax Settings tab. Checkmark the Vendor eligible for So, you must upgrade to get the latest information.

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Our upgrades typically cost about 60—70 percent of the full version. Once I order, how long does it take to get my registration number? You receive your registration number immediately after we approve your credit card. Can more than one person use Tax-Mate? Yes, you can install Tax-Mate on a network server or on a shared folder on a local machine. Where does Tax-Mate store my data? Can I back up my data?

Tax-Mate has both backup and restore functions, which you can access from the startup page. The backup tool copies your database to the Backup folder. The Recover button overwrites existing data with your backup data. Yes, if you can get it into Excel. Which data formats does Tax-Mate support? Yes — you can edit, add, or delete any data using Tax-Mate.

Does the data I plan to import data need be in any specific order? No, Tax-Mate will adapt to any order. However, if you would like to use the same order as Tax-Mate, click here to download import templates. Can I print to plain paper? In fact, Tax-Mate can save you money because it prints forms on plain paper.

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It also produces a nice form one or two pages with instructions that you can fold like a letter and place in a 10 windowed envelope. Do I have to buy your forms? Can I use other preprinted forms?